What have I been doing? by Sharon Sen

From time to time, works get a little bit more and time gets a little tight for me to do the things that I like. Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes I just wish I can breath a little bit from all the hectic hours. Addition with the hot humid weather that we had right now, I felt even more depressed over what our earth had become. However, I am very much grateful of what I have especially with all my love one still healthy and able to enjoy all the things that we can. 

Even though things get more stressful, I am always happy to draw. I take my time to do all my drawing even I know in the end it will be in my room or somewhere in my storage. Nonetheless, I still continue to draw. 

Here are a few of what I've been doing. There are more in my facebook page and instagram if anyone is interested to see what more I have. 



What I've been doing so far? by Sharon Sen

Overwhelmed with all the past activities from my travel, I am feeling kind of lazy lately. Yet, my passion of drawing continues to bundle up and finally I've painted them onto wooden plaque. Even though my huge passion sometimes drove me into huge ambition, I know myself too much that I need to tone it down with a more realistic achievable goal. So, I painted my drawing onto a wooden plaque with a smaller size version, (11.4cm x 11.4cm). Here are a few of the pictures of what I've done so far.


Wooden Plaques 11.4cmx11.4cm available soon in ETSY store.

Wooden Plaques 11.4cmx11.4cm available soon in ETSY store.

Free Postcard by Sharon Sen

I am going to travel to Europe soon. Usually I will draw something during my trip and send from the location where I've been. Here are a few sample of the drawing that I've did before.

If you like to participate on how to win a free postcard from me, follow this instruction below:

  1. Like our facebook page.
  2. Click on the image of postcard that I posted recently on my wall.
  3. Comment on the image of postcard.
  4. When it is the date of announcement, I will randomly pick the winner.

Just that simple! Hope to see some comment from around the world.