What have I been doing? / by Sharon Sen

From time to time, works get a little bit more and time gets a little tight for me to do the things that I like. Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes I just wish I can breath a little bit from all the hectic hours. Addition with the hot humid weather that we had right now, I felt even more depressed over what our earth had become. However, I am very much grateful of what I have especially with all my love one still healthy and able to enjoy all the things that we can. 

Even though things get more stressful, I am always happy to draw. I take my time to do all my drawing even I know in the end it will be in my room or somewhere in my storage. Nonetheless, I still continue to draw. 

Here are a few of what I've been doing. There are more in my facebook page and instagram if anyone is interested to see what more I have.